Team Superpower Conductor


Dr. Pam Denton

Founded and conducted by Dr. Pam Denton, the superpower team is a community of coaches, healers and business leaders who live from inner strength, inner knowing and aligned action. 

The one intention that keeps us connected?

The Superpower of Intuition.

The superpower team works integratively with clients, companies and events to bring you powerful transformation. 

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Meet the Team


Brenda Gilasso

Brenda brings to the team the superpower of intuition and spiritual guidance. She focuses on helping her clients lovingly assert themselves and heal the mental stress of a super performance lifestyle. As our resident intuitive and spiritual guide Brenda keeps us on track mind, body and energy. 


Amy Bliss, JD, MBA

Amy brings to the team her amazing authentic masculinity and  sexuality coaching. She focuses her superpowers on authenticity, purpose and passion, and healing trauma.

Amy keeps us all grounded in the real world with her practical guidance that complements her intuition and inner knowing.  


Abby Beauchamp

Abby brings to the team powerful insight of abundance and manifestation and heads-up the Superpower Conferences & Retreats as Pam's event partner. Abby focuses her superpowers on health and wellness of money, mind and body. She is stealth and strong and can help you turn around any tough situation with her superpowers.


Leroy Collins, NFL Alumnus, Speaker and Author

Founder of The Dream Project, Leroy Collins is a Superpower Collaborator and as a motivational speaker guides audiences to focus on their dream vision to achieve massive success and generate mental genius. Leroy shares how his dreams taught him to never give up, keep going against the odds and to overcome struggles and setbacks.  Leroy, Pam and the dream team share the stage and travel the world providing dream power to inspire audiences.