Retreat With Us To Supercharge Your Body, Mind & Soul

Sacred Water - Pagosa Springs, CO- Sept 11-16, 2020


Our retreats are designed to help you cleanse, purify and revive your body, mind and soul. We select hot springs, ocean bliss and sacred islands to take you away from the modern day stress, places where you are able to clear, cancel and delete survival mode and step into your power. 




Connect with your authentic leadership. This step is key to thriving as a superpower influencer. We will guide you with meditation and visualization to connect with inner calm and ignite higher performance capabilities.



Step into the superpower channel of new creative power.  With renewed life-force, you will be able to generate renewed creative energy to drive your business and team. Allow yourself to sink into the power that is inside of you and turn up the vitality volume.

Connective Business Success

Connection Leading to Collaboration


A portion of the retreat will be dedicated to creating connective business strategies.  In the meditative space we will guide you to repair connections and design collaborative ideas. 

Leave our Retreats Feeling Empowered


Through soul work and connection you will leave feeling empowered with new ideas and owning the space to create these ideas into action.

Join Abby Beauchamp and Dr. Pam in Pagosa Springs, CO

Connect with Superhighway Energy


Supercharge and superpower your mind by opening the pathways of positive energy through affirmation and reverse the negative effects of stress on your body-mind. 

Dive in to the Meditative Space


Experience the connection generated through Dr. Pam's Mind-Cleanse. Clear your mind of obstacles and become an Expansionary Leader. The Break-through breath technique will give you practical tools for amping up your positive energy.

Pagosa Springs, CO

Sept 11, 2020


Soak and Sip 

The journey to total body upgrade begins! 

Join us for an opening soak in the hot springs and then join us for a glass of wine or cup of tea.

Sept 12-15, 2020

  • Meditation- Our specific Mind Cleanse techniques are designed to help you break-through the stress and tension holding you back from positive impact leadership. 
  • Soak- The hotspring experiences are worked into your day for maximum release and resolution of stress and tension. Begin to feel alive again. 
  • Breathe- Breakthrough Breath Techniques are used in session to help you generate more energy and life-force. 
  • Connect- Our retreat sessions are designed to give you the tools and practices you need to lead in a highly stressful world. We guide you to connect inwards for maximum output.
  • Revive and Cleanse- You will energetically and physically cleanse away residual toxins and stress patterns that are natural to leading the influencer life.  

Every session we provide is a practical tool for modern day influential leadership success.

Depart Sept 16, 2020 Supercharge Your Success

You will leave our retreats feeling new integrity built into your mind-body-emotions-spirit.  


Pagosa Retreat

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Pagosa Springs is a deep dive retreat into the neurological upgrade of your leadership.  Through Meditation, Breath, Visualization and Minerals you will heal what is limiting your success and step into your superpower. We invite you to do preliminary health assessment work with us prior to your journey.  *Room and travel not included in superpower retreat pricing.