Mental Health in High Performers




Superpower Your Success for Mental Health offers a holistic treatment program for athletes, celebrities, executives and other leaders struggling with mental health issues related to high performance stress.

 Our goal is to get high performers back to their normal level of high functioning productivity, performance and action.


The Turning Point

Receiving a mental health diagnosis is a turning point in life that can bring a level of clarity and understanding about your struggles - and can also lead to feelings of loneliness or separation from “normal” life. 

The Superpower team provides a safe space to feel and heal all the emotions that arise in this critical time. When you have been struggling in the darkness and isolation of mental illness, the compassionate support of our team will make an immediate positive impact on your overall health and well-being. Our goal is to assist you in restoring and strengthening your life’s passion and purpose


Emotions & Energy

 Mental health issues are often deeply rooted in the past, originating in emotional stress or trauma. Your body’s natural state is one of well-being, and your body and mind have the ability to self-correct to return to that state. Our Superpower team takes a natural approach that supports your innate ability to self-correct and heal deeply rooted emotional stressors. Through integrative health coaching tools and guided transformational exercises, we gently aid you in clearing out any blockages to your body’s natural state of well-being.

Where to Begin?

Our coaching creates a judgement-free zone where you will feel secure in discovering and expressing your authentic self on the journey to personal and professional health.  

About The First Step



The healing path begins with an assessment to evaluate your current status and determine how the Superpower team can help you succeed in regenerating and strengthening the health of your whole being - mind, body, emotions, and spirit. In this phase, we first work to define and develop a detailed picture of your relationship with your illness. We help you pinpoint how mental illness affects your life from the inside out and gain a higher awareness of those places where your energy is trapped, stuck or blocked. Based on the results of the assessment, we then work with you to begin establishing your care goals.

Holistic Health Coaching

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The Future Holds Peace and Calm

Retreat With Us


 After the assessment phase of a care, you can choose embark on a deep dive retreat facilitated by the Superpower team. The retreat will take place in a safe and sacred environment that focuses on restoring the natural function of the nervous system and repairing broken energy pathways. Our team will guide you to restore the mind-body connection, replenishing a sense of foundational security while building essential rapport and trust. You will learn to use and understand our integrative healing tools so that when we continue working remotely, we will stay connected at a deep level. We will use all of the tools, meditation, breathwork, energy work, positive soul work and processing applied with 3-4 support practitioners. 

Follow Through Support


 As you release the stress and tension of constantly needing to be on the go and in front of people as a performer, athlete, or executive, your body and mind will awaken to a natural flow state - an overall sense of well-being and alignment with self.  Awakening is a strengthening phase where we identify and explore sabotaging behaviors, self-limiting beliefs and energetic blockages deeply rooted in the soul.  Your mind and body become ready to fully discard the energy of what does not serve your highest self and well-being and you begin to clearly define new decisions that are from a state beyond your mental stress.  This phase is empowerment, where you clearly decide to put your soul happiness and harmony as #1.

Transform Fully


 Transformation is the resolution phase of care. This is when you are ready to travel deeper into spirituality and harness the vital energy that empowers your well-being. You will experience a resolution of inner issues that will enhance your full potential as a high performer. You will feel a sense of well-being driven from the deeper energy that surges through your body.  Without the limitations of your illness, you will easily find pathways that enhance your overall functionality and ability to thrive. There is a willingness to let go, release and surrender and this level of awareness is determined by you and your support team.  In this phase your tools and practices govern and guide your mental health status. 


May Your Suffering Be Resolved with Empowerment

The reason we do what we do? Trauma can take many forms: physical, mental, emotional and sexual. Trauma doesn’t have to originate from a major event, but can also stem from the vast number of micro-traumas we experience over the course of our lives. On the go lifestyles, always pushing to the next level without rest and being in front of large amounts of people while needing to be turned ON all the time can leave the body in a state of fight or flight, and traumatize or freeze the body’s ability to be flexible or return to a natural state of rest.  

Collectively, these micro-traumas can have a greater impact on mental health than an acute trauma. 

As a high performer, you have likely experienced a higher than average level of micro-traumas.

To release the energetic blockages created by trauma, our Superpower team will help you:

  • Release trauma from the cellular body
  • Release deep sympathetic fight or flight response from the body/mind
  • Shift the expression of DNA through chemicals of emotions, defining your own empowered emotional state of well-being through authentic expression
  • Remove generational stressors patterns and stories you may be carrying from ancestors that no longer belong with you

We do not replace your medical care, but work closely to help you achieve amazing success, integrating the alternative care with your medical for recovery of your authentic self.