Superpower Your Influence & Impact!


The Superpower Business Conferences are experiential events designed to give you the superpower inner-strength you need to navigate 

impact-driven business.  Our Conferences provide inner upgrades through a system of facilitated workshops and programs so you can manage modern day business stress and become UNSTOPPABLE. 

Get Superpowered

Are You Ready to Get Superpowered?

Join Dr. Pam, the superpower energy conductor and the superpower team. 

Dive in and engage with the superpower system for influencial leadership. Dedicate a weekend to developing mental focus, inner strength, and creative action through strengthening nervous system pathways mind-body-spirit.

You Are an Influencer & You Know You Have Passion!

Dive in with us and get supercharged with energy, insight and motivation. In order to keep up with the pressure of your fast-paced life you know you need to holistically address your inner well-being and mental health to stay clear and connected to your path. 

May 1-3, 2020

Superpower Portland


Join us for a power packed business conference in Portland, OR where we will super-charge and super-energize your inner influencer success with workshops that tune in and turn up your superpowers.

Oct 23-25, 2020

Ignite Passion in NYC

Join us in the city that never sleeps and supercharge your energy with passion and dream big power. We will give you the practices and tools for making your influential leadership passion a reality.  

Superpower Speaker & Vendor

We would love to meet you.  

Vendors who have transformational tools to share please apply here.

Speakers we would love to meet you and find out what you are all about!!